The revival of the lost art of leadership as taught in the Quran can be achieved with the lessons from the story of Musa Alayhi as-salām with his resolute leadership & service to the community. In this engaging PowerTalk, let us journey back with Ustadh Kamran Abdul Rauf and discover the lost legacy of Islamic leadership unfolding the myriad of lessons from the story of Musa Alayhi as-salām.


Who was Musa Alayhi as-salām ?

Before becoming the Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, Musa Alayhi as-salām  was a prince, a fugitive,  a warrior and a shepherd.  Musa Alayhi as-salām  was raised as a prince by his greatest enemy, the pharaoh of Egypt. He stood up for the oppressed and was forced to flee to a foreign land. He herded sheep for 10 years and  encountered many hardships before he was given a mission by Allah: He had to lead his nation from slavery to freedom. Trained by the the amazing Khidr Alayhi as-salām  himself Musa Alayhi as-salām  fulfilled his mission with the help of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. Musa Alayhi as-salām  led the Muslims of his time out of oppression,dealing with the cruelty of his enemies, the treachery of his own people. The story of Musa Alayhi as-salām  is a story of perseverence, faith and leadership. It is a story that is pertinent for Muslims in this day and age. As Muslims throughout the World deal with oppression today, the story of Musa Alayhi as-salām   has many leadership lessons for us. The Quran narrates this story in great detail. It is time we revived the legacy of Islamic leadership.


What to expect:

  • Learn the background of Musa Alayhi as-salām and how he was trained by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala .
  • To learn that why leadership is important in developing a strong Ummah.
  • Who was Khidr Alayhi as-salām and the lessons from the journey of Musa Alayhi as-salām with him.
  • The lessons extracted from the story of Musa Alayhi as-salām and how they are relevant to the Muslims today.