Pretty Woman (KHI)


Instructor: Dr. Kanwal Kaisser
Location: Karachi
Venue: DA SKBZ College, Karachi
Date: 13-Jan-2019

Discover the true beauty of being a woman…

We live in a culture that exaggerates physical beauty above and beyond where its true status lies. The media and culture have evasively pushed people’s minds to treat beauty as one of the determinants of self-worth, especially in women. Thus it becomes crucial for every one of us to examine what beauty really is and the role it has to play in their lives.

Azaan Presents a Power talk “Pretty Woman” where you will identify your uniqueness, gain confidence, get clarity, and learn to be happy. Join us with Dr. Kanwal Kaisser and step out of the circle of fear, and step up into the space of love and confidence.


At this PowerTalk you will learn:

Whether beauty is limited to physical characteristics or is there a higher dimension to it?

Is beauty an independent trait or does it shine in people with good personalities?

Come to know the actions that Enhance Beauty & Learn how to make an Impact in the society from the greatest Women ever, as conveyed in the Greatest Book – the book of Allah!

Although the answers to these questions are very subjective, the Islamic view of beauty helps us to shape our opinions in the best manner possible – especially when aided by faith and love.